All Levels Classes incorporate all the benefits of yoga and are suitable for most levels from beginner on up. Schedule a one-to-one session with the instructor/teacher for additional assistance or ask after class! We are here to help!

Meditation & Breathwork


Part meditation part breathwork. Enjoy time in silence as an essential way to balance the busyness of modern life and to support healing processes. Breathwork calms the nervous system, focuses the mind and strengthens muscles... also a fantastic abdominal work out. Sitting with good posture strengthens and retrains core muscles so they support and lift the spine.


Rejuvenate& Restore



Unwind with the week and restore energy for the weekend. Twenty-five minutes strengthening followed by thirty-five minutes of renewing, restorative yoga. Hands on therapeutic touch from the instructor.  Fantastic evening class. All Levels.




Wake Up and Flow



Before work yoga active yoga flow class. Start your day right with this class. Stretch, lengthen, get your joints moving, blood pumping, muscles toned, spine aligned and mind in a good place to start your day. Active Beginners and up. The Well provides changing rooms, cubbies for belongings, mirrors, showers and etc  to make your transition to the day easy.  Touch up before work, grab a cup of coffee or tea and go.


Yoga Basics


All levels*. Class incorporates the use of props when necessary. Learn the  poses, movements, stretches and breath of yoga. This class is cardiovascular, and improves stamina, flexibility, mindfulness, breathing and body awareness. Doctor approval with medical conditions such as but not limited to: back and joint situations, high blood pressure, glaucoma, hernia. Please check with your doctor before embarking on any wellness or exercise program. A walking program is highly recommended - in addition to adding more activity to your lifestyle. Individuals not suited to this class will do well in private classes to start. These are easily scheduled by leaving a message with the desk. *Injuries and certain conditions require doctors approval.


Yoga for Active Beginners


Active individuals from active beginners onward. Step it up from Yoga Basics in this class. Flow from movement to movement, hold poses, learn inversions. Class incorporates breath work, cardiovascular exercise, stamina building, mindfulness, stretching, and body awareness. Please check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise program. 


Hot Yoga



This is an asana (yoga poses) and vinyasa (flow between poses) class. Hot Room. Not suitable for those with high blood pressure, glaucoma, under 17, heart conditions.  Additional conditions may pose as prohibiting factor. Please check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise program.




Restorative is a renewing, calming hour of healing yoga. Unwind, relax, and exhale from the demands of the week. Hands on therapeutic touch from the instructor.  All levels and capabilities. Yin is a receptive, passive practice that uses yoga poses to slowly lengthen muscles, release tension and balance the body. 

Gentle Yoga


This class uses poses and low impact movement to release tension, build strength and stamina, improve circulation, and relieve joint stiffness. 

Power Vinyasa Lunch Break


This 25 minute yoga flow class will get the breath moving and blood pumping. It is designed to strengthen, lengthen, energize and re-balance the body– providing a feel-good boost to motivate you throughout the remainder of your day.